Liam Kelley is a guitar player, singer and songwriter from Berkley, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. 

At the age of six, he picked up his father’s guitar for the first time. Soon after he was given his own 3/4 acoustic and his life’s path was set. From that day on, he obsessed over perfecting his musical skills and learning to write songs … music became the center of his life. 

By the age of nine, Liam was singing and performing Dave Matthews’s songs for crowds. At twelve, he became an enigma, performing Stevie Ray Vaugh, Slash and Eddie Van Halen solos as if he had written them himself. In high school, Liam formed the band F8 (“Fate”) that played in any club and venue around the Metropolitan Detroit area that would let the 15-16 years olds perform.

With each performance, Liam’s musical style grew and evolved. He began to delve into the art of songwriting and wrote music combining rock n’ roll, reggae, and pop elements that became the foundation of the bands playlist.

As his band’s reputation grew, Liam had to make a choice between continuing to perform and going on to college. After touring Columbia College Chicago, he found a unique community and culture of creativity, where he would be surrounded and challenged by students and instructors with a similar drive to do what it takes to be successful in the music industry. 

Now based in a city with tremendous musical history, energy, and opportunities, Liam Kelley performs as a solo act in venues throughout Chicago, captivating audiences with his unique blend of guitar solos and lyrics that touches the soul. 



Musician: Liam Kelley