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Daylight Sinners- Original EP

by Daylight Sinners

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Daylight Sinners


Rock n' Roll band out of Chicago Illinois, now in Nashville Tennessee...

Daylight Sinners distill the original Heart and Soul of Rock n’ Roll while bringing the sound of Detroit Rock City’s hard and unbreakable energy to the stage. The astonishing, guitar-driven melodies that encompass Daylight Sinners’ unique sound are as powerful as the origins from which they are so deeply rooted.

The live experience harkens back to 1970’s counter-culture: Big hair, bell-bottoms flowery blouses and total attitude. But the truth of the music runs deeper, and heads turn immediately when the band come out blazing with fiery blues-rock riffs, enthralling solos, and an elusive combination of awe-inspiring skill and honest, heart-felt simplicity that people fall in love with instantaneously.

The Band knows where they come from. They live and breathe the history and culture that are the real beauty of music. Daylight Sinners are Rock n Roll. Daylight Sinners are rebellion. They are freedom. And because of the freedom their influences span the vast scope of both the past and present. Let them surprise you with quick paced raps over groovy bass lines. Let them take you into other worlds with trippy, poetic lyrics. In a day and age where music craves a deeper purpose; a message and a vibrant scene, the Daylight Sinners provide the Truth. Experience it for yourself. Welcome to our world. Welcome… to the other side.


Management & Booking

NIck Olson