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Daylight Sinners- Original EP

by Daylight Sinners

More music coming soon!

Pure, fuckin' raw energy. A kick in the nuts. No holds- barred, grunge punk revival.

Austin Skinner-


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Daylight Sinners


Rock n' Roll band out of Chicago Illinois, now in Nashville Tennessee...

The Daylight Sinners keep you dancing with high energy, quick-paced rock music. They are most-often compared with Led Zeppelin, The Doors and the Jimi Hendrix Experience; but nobody could disagree the Sinners have a sound quite unlike any other. They will pull you into another dimension and show you the trippy side of life. They will change your perspective.

Welcome to Their world... Welcome to the Other Side!

See them live at Mercy Lounge in Nashville Tennessee on May 9th


Management & Booking


Liam Kelley